Fabian J. G. Westerheide

Entrepreneur & Investor with passion for Artificial Intelligence | Asgard.VC | Riseof.AI, Managing Director - Asgard

I have started and invested over 50 companies in the global digital ecosystem. I am Founding Partner of Asgard – human Venture Capital for Artificial Intelligence, an early stage investment firm, using the blockchain to invest in Artificial Intelligence companies. Additional I am the founder and host of the Rise of AI conference, an annual gathering of Europe’s 500 leading experts, researchers and thought leaders for Artificial Intelligence. 

Asgard is a Human Venture Capital firm for Artificial Intelligence. We are two generations of entrepreneurial VCs combining the best of old & new economy. Based in Berlin, we invest in the global best teams for Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to support Entrepreneurs in shaping a new future.